Euro Consult as a dedicated professional consultancy firm has succeeded to represent and support many international and national companies to establish presence in the local market and/or develop their business in many fields by either introducing them to the right parties in the MENA region or to establish a structure for their presence in a growing market that is attracting a lot of international conglomerates in aviation, industrial

business1companies, environment and construction companies in infrastructure and civil works with professional international standards. As a result, Euro Consult represent and support the list of companies below and our capacity is growing and open to add to our portfolio ambitious companies who are looking to establish presence in the MENA region and GCC countries.

Our Sector Focus follows a diverse array of fields from business consultancy, hospitality, general industries, general trading to corporate representation.


Providing solutions in project finance , intermediation, negotiations, engineering, consultancy, mergers & Consultancy acquisition, and project management in Oil & Gas, Real Estate &amp


Hotel management, tourism, health care, food management, event management, hospitality marketing management, facility management, & catering of various facilities ranging from restaurants, work housing camps, clubs, hotels, and resorts.

General Industries

Venture capital, private equity, project management, operations management, brokerage & the sale of Industrial units in • oil & Gas • Petrochemical projects consist of Polyethylene terephthalate, PP Non-Woven's, Maleic Anhydride, PE Profiles , PVC Plastic Pipes

Corporate Representation

Consulted for the importing and exporting & supply of various goods within the construction sector • Sector areas consist of: Traffic materials , Metro transport, highway safety products, parking meters . automated parking systems, traffic management, rail road systems and studies, construction materials and equipments, medical materials and equipments, energy related materials and equipments, electrical and electromechanical materials, sanitary material and equipments, flooring materials , tiles, kitchen cabinets, kitchen equipments

General Trading

Immediate Business development & regional commercial reach, Regional Business development services, business centers, project development, consultancy, media & IT, project distributor, corporate intermediation