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The buildings blend modern architecture with luxurious environment friendly finishing, and offer residents the chance to enjoy a quiet serene life. Modern styled Apartments ranging from 140 to 210 sq. m. will be available to meet the every need and demand of the residents. Add to this, a great amount of facilities to complete luxurious lifestyle: private gymnasiums, resident and visitor parking and Gardens, all composing a beautiful and exclusive complex bringing residents and visitors closer to nature in all its forms. Special Consideration will be given to the creation of a sophisticated and attractive environment with extensive use of breathtaking CLUB, expansive windows, high ceilings, landscaped roofs and ground levels with gorgeous trees and water features. Careful attention has been given to the detailing, use of materiel, and interface interior and exterior spaces to create a unique living experience where luxury and refinement meet convenience and functionality, offering the residents a feel of serenity and tranquillity.